In the configuration, botId is the “Application ID” in the Discord Developer portal.

The Discord bot must have these Privileged Gateway Intents enabled to function correctly:

  • Presence
  • Server Members
  • Message Content

Bot channel

Create a special channel in no category (or at least not in any of the special categories you’ll create in the next step) for the bot’s status, notice et. al messages. Add this channel’s ID to the configuration in the (truly terribly-named) irc.quitMsgChanId field.

Server categories

  1. Add a category for each IRC server, named for that server e.g.
  2. Add a channel in that category for each IRC channel you wish to join on connect.
  3. Add to config/channelXForms-NODE_ENV.json with required name transforms! You can also adjust these from the client at anytime with the !channelXforms command.

Allowed speakers

To control which Discord users can speak as your IRC user, create a Role in your guild and add users to it you wish to allow to speak and use DRC in your server. Set the ID of this role as


DRC uses the config module and as such follows these rules as to which configuration file will be used.

default.js both specifies all default values as well as illustrating the expected structure. As a hobby project, some of the names have been very poorly chosen. You have my apologies.

Critical configuration values

The following configuration parameters must be set by you, the user for the system to function correctly:

  • app.allowedSpeakersRoleId or app.allowedSpeakers
  • discord.botId
  • discord.guildId
  • discord.token
  • irc.quitMsgChanId

Using private message channels

If you create a category with a name that matches this logic* - such as “Private Messages”, “privmsgs”, or “PMs”) - DRC will automatically create a channel in this category for each private message received (a la traditional IRC client’s “query window” feature).

In order for this feature to proper expire these channels after config.discord.privMsgChannelStalenessTimeMinutes have elapsed, your Redis server must have “Kxkeyspace notifications enabled!

* x.match(/priv(?:ate)?\s*me?s(?:sa)?ge?s?/ig) || x === 'PMs' at the time of this writing