Run with Docker

(Note: These instructions will work only on Linux due to the networking mode used. Proceed to the next page to learn how to run it manually if you won’t be deploying on Linux.)

Run redis as a regular ‘ol system service.

Put your specific configurations into local-prod.json (and other *-prod.json files as necessary).

  • .app.log.path and .irc.log.path must not be modified/overridden; leave them as their defaults.

You must set the environment variable DRC_LOGS_PATH_HOST to the a fully-qualified path on the host where your logs are kept.

All of the following docker compose invocations must be run in this directory.

Start everything:

$ export DRC_LOGS_PATH_HOST=/home/myuser/.drc/logs
$ docker compose up -d

Watch the logs with docker compose logs -f.

To stop everything: docker compose down.