Discord Relay Chat

An IRC client using Discord for the UI

Get it:

from Github

Talk about it:

on libera.chat on Discord

(yup, they’re bridged with DRC!)

What it does well

  • Multiple server connections
  • Extensibility & expandability
  • Stability & resource consumption
  • Mentions & hilite tracking
  • Alias & kick/ban tracking
  • Logging with extremely powerful query & retrieval
  • Nick/ident/hostname deep tracking & cross-referencing
  • TLS/SSL & SASL (including EXTERNAL)
  • Attachments
  • Metrics export to Prometheus
  • Taking notes about channels and nicks
  • ChatGPT & llama.cpp integration!
  • Plays Zork!
  • Enhanced /whois with nmap & shodan features
  • Allows emoji reactions on messages to /whois & /ignore users
  • Easy-to-use, comfortable UI accessible from any machine… because it’s Discord!
  • Even has a CLI built with blessed for when you can’t get to Discord, and ‘cus why not!?

What it does not do well

  • Consistent structures for IPC messaging (it’s a hobby project, sue me)
  • Resyncing when the bot stays up but the bridge goes down
  • Reconnecting when force-disconnected
  • Clean code (it’s a hobby project, sue me)
  • Comprehensive documentation (the source code is documentation!)

What it does not do at all (yet…)

  • Operator commands
  • User mode commands (in the works)

Fortunately, it’s open source and contributions are accepted, so hack away!